For Lending Institutions

“ We qualify leads even before the lead generation starts! “

Get lazer sharp highly qualified customer leads. We are a tech enabled lead generation & fulfillment firm specializing in big ticket loans/funding. We follow a rigorous multi dimensional approach towards lead generation & fulfillment. Our brief process is as follows.

Lead Database

We probably can boast of possessing the highest quality database in the entire Industry with unmatched data points & segmentation!

Profiling, Segmentation & lead scoring

We use a wide range of tech & analytical tools, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Social Intelligence, predictive marketing, financial analytics to profile customers and segment data. We use over 100 data points in profiling customers.

Target Advertising Campaigns

After segmentation, we design appropriate lead generation campaigns each tailor made for particular segments. We carry out a multi pronged reach campaigns that include display advertising, tele marketing, Surveys, email campaigns, seminars, SMS Campaign’s etc to ensure maximum reach & response.

Lead Nurturing

We use various lead nurturing tools based on customer response levels & according to lead segmentation. This ensures we have the best conversion rates in the Industry.

Customers spoilt for choices & Institutions spoilt with abundance

We are not just a lead generation agency!. We are a team of functional experts, Marketing Professionals, Industry Specialists, AI Experts, Data Scientists etc. This ensures that each qualified lead gets the best mentoring process! Yes, we mentor our customers for achieving their long term financial goals. We possess the best access to most of Banks, NBFC’s & Private Lending Institutions. We can map customer with eligibility criteria against the best available funding option with utmost precision.

The transition Phase

Once the customer requirement is mapped to the lending institution, we slowly transfer the customer from our bucket to the lender bucket. However we provide backend support to both parties and ensures smooth disbursement.

Revisiting the portfolio

We do a regular follow up with our customers and lending Institution’s to check the loan performance & understanding if any service issues are other or if any additional requirements have come in. We also regularly appraise our customers with latest news & products.